27 Clutter Free Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday.  It is one of the most commercial holidays in the United States. Lots of cards and gifts are given on this day to honor our mothers.

If you haven’t bought a gift yet this list will give you some ideas that she’ll appreciate. And the best part is they clutter free or mostly clutter free.  There are also many that cost little or no money at all.

Clutter Free Gift Ideas

Gift Certificates:

  • Restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Live theater, one show or season tickets
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events (my mother loved hockey and baseball)
  • A day of pampering at a local day spa

Donation or Memberships:

  • Donation in her honor to her favorite charity.
  • Membership to a Public TV station or her favorite subscription website.
  • Membership to a local museum, zoo, botanical garden, or other local attraction.


Clutter Free Gift Ideas – Mostly Your Time

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  ~Kahlil Gibran

Gift Certificates for Your Service:

It’s easy to create a gift certificate on the computer and print it out. The certificate should state the service that is to be preformed. Here a few ideas. Many would work great for age appropriate grandchildren to give to their grandmother.

  • Cleaning the garage or basement
  • Yard-work (I give my mother-in-law geranuims each year for the flower pots on her condo porch. The gift includes planting them for her. It’s an unwritten yearly gift certificate.)
  • Car washing
  • Special household projects (painting, minor repairs, etc.)
  • Dog/cat/pet sitting

Gift Certificates  for Shared Activities:

These activities can range from free to expensive. The important part is that you do the activity together.

  • A movie
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Special event
  • Visit a local museum/attraction of their choice.
  • Spend the day together at a local spa.


Almost Clutter Free Gift Ideas

Be aware of the kind of container the following items are in. You don’t want those to become clutter.

  • Specialty Cookies
  • Gourmet Cakes
  • Gourmet coffee or tea
  • Candy –  If she is watching her diet look for a small but special candy she wouldn’t buy for herself.
  • Lotions
  • Fancy shower gels or bubblebath
  • Perfume
  • Candles

If you can’t find a gift above that will work for your mother you can always give her a hug and tell her you love her.

“A hug is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange.”  ~Author Unknown

Happy Mother’s Day



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Take Action! The Only New Year’s Resolution That Works

There is only one New Year’s resolution that works. That is when you resolve to take action towards your goals.

Two of the top New Year’s resolutions are decluttering and organizing your home and losing weight.  In the past I’ve made both of those resolutions many years in a row.  I slowly got to a point where I felt I was fairly organized.  The clutter wasn’t completely gone but it wasn’t overwhelming my day to day routines.  However, I did need to constantly work at it to keep it that way.

But life happens. Continue reading

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Give Clutter Free Gifts

Christmas treeOver the years I have written several blog posts with ideas for clutter free or almost clutter free gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas.  Since my  mother and mother-in-law had mentioned years ago that they didn’t need or want  more things to fill their homes I’ve done plenty of research to come up with different ideas.

When my mother was moved to a nursing home in 2014 and we had to go through her entire house to sell it, I was glad she told us not to get her more “things”.  She did not have a lot of clutter laying around but there was still plenty of stuff to go through in a her three bedroom home. She has since passed away but I still have some things to go through. Continue reading

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Halloween Isn’t Far Off. Are You Ready For It?

Cora and Halloween

October is already here.  That means Halloween isn’t far off.  Are you ready for it? Continue reading

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Simplifying Can Feel Like You’re Swimming Upstream!

Mini waterfall

Do you feel like you are swimming upstream against the current when you try to simplify your life? I know I do.

So what do I mean by this? Continue reading

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The Holiday Season Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Wild turkeys

It’s already September.  The holiday season will be here before you know it.

Last week I was walking in my subdivision and in the fields at the end of one of the streets I saw a flock of wild turkeys.  I zoomed in the best I could with my cellphone.  Those turkeys got me thinking about the upcoming holidays.

So I figured it was time to get started with the planning.

“A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” ~ H. Stanley Judd

Continue reading

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What Value Does An Item Have?

It's not what you look at - quote

What kind of value do you put on the things you own?  Is it sentimental value or maybe emotional value?  Could it be practical or useful value?  Or maybe it’s monetary value.

If you don’t know what kind of value you put on an item you may be keeping many things that don’t add to your life and make it better.  That’s what creates clutter.

It’s hard to let go of things when we put unrealistic values on them.

So how do you know if the value you place on an item is unrealistic or not? Continue reading

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Let Go Of Things The Easy Way


It’s hard to let go of things. If it was easy we wouldn’t have a clutter problem.

So what makes it so hard?

One thing – Emotions!

We let our emotions do our thinking for us.  And as most of us know our emotions can’t always be trusted to make clear and easy decisions.

Our emotions usually want to claim an item as being much more important than it really is.  It wants to attach itself to the item and hold on for dear life. Continue reading

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Back to School Help

It’s that time of year again!  The school buses are rolling again or will be soon.


So I did a little research to find you lots of helpful tips.  Since I’ve been writing this blog (and the old Organize By The Month blog) for seven years now I figured a good place to start was with the old posts.

I found lots of helpful information plus a lot of links to other sites and articles. Unfortunately there were several links that were no longer working.

So I reviewed all the posts listed below and either updated or deleted any links that were not working.  If however you find a broken link please let me know.  I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Anyway, I hope the tips in the posts below will help you and your children start off the school year on the right track.  That will help the whole year be more successful. Continue reading

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Earth Day: Cut the Clutter by Recycling!

It’s looks and feels like Spring (at least in most places).  It’s the month of April.  That means Earth Day is near.  And Earth Day means it’s time to recycle.  Earth-Day-Border-Clip-Art-1

Today there are many places where you can recycle all kinds of items year round. However, during many of the local Earth Day events you get a chance to recycle many different items in one location.

Because of this opportunity to make one drop off why not take advantage of it. You know you shouldn’t throw these items in the trash so you probably hold on to them until you can find the time and place to recycle them.

Your home is not a landfill. Continue reading

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