Let Go Of Things The Easy Way


It’s hard to let go of things. If it was easy we wouldn’t have a clutter problem.

So what makes it so hard?

One thing – Emotions!

We let our emotions do our thinking for us.  And as most of us know our emotions can’t always be trusted to make clear and easy decisions.

Our emotions usually want to claim an item as being much more important than it really is.  It wants to attach itself to the item and hold on for dear life.

Our emotions tell us that if we let go of the item we’ll lose the emotional attachment towards it. If we lose the emotional attachment then we fear we will lose all feelings and memories about the item. This goes for good and bad memories.

That doesn’t make any sense. It’s an illogical way of thinking.

Maybe it’s time for a little logical thinking to take place.

A good way to change this kind of thinking is to ask yourself some specific questions about the item.  This will help clear up your thinking so you can decide if you should let go of the item or keep it.

1.   Does the item bring up good feelings and/or memories?

  • Yes – Then make sure you are displaying the item in a way to bring about those good feelings on a regular basis.
  • No –  If it brings up bad feelings or memories why are you keeping it?

2.  Is the item useful to me in the present?

  • Yes – Does it have it’s own “home” so you can find it when you need or want it? If not you need to find it a home.
  • No – Are you keeping it because you think it will be useful in the near future (see next question)?  If not then why are you keeping it?

3.  Is the item going to be useful to me in the near future?

  • Yes – The near future is a very vague time frame. When do you expect the future to become the present for this item? Do you have a reasonable time frame set? Six to twelve months or six to twelve years?
  • No – If you are keeping something for the far off future you need to decide if it is worth the space to store it for so long or is it something that can be easily replaced when it is needed at that time?

If you don’t let your emotions do your thinking for you then it won’t be so hard to let go of the things that have bad memories, aren’t useful anymore to you, or don’t make your life better in some way.

Make some decisions today to let go of the unimportant things.  You’ll be glad you did!

To a lighter load along the way.


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Back to School Help

It’s that time of year again!  The school buses are rolling again or will be soon.


So I did a little research to find you lots of helpful tips.  Since I’ve been writing this blog (and the old Organize By The Month blog) for seven years now I figured a good place to start was with the old posts.

I found lots of helpful information plus a lot of links to other sites and articles. Unfortunately there were several links that were no longer working.

So I reviewed all the posts listed below and either updated or deleted any links that were not working.  If however you find a broken link please let me know.  I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Anyway, I hope the tips in the posts below will help you and your children start off the school year on the right track.  That will help the whole year be more successful.

Back To School Sales, Oh My!

Get Control Of Those School Papers Now!

Now Is A Great Time To Have A Garage Sale If You Have Certain Items

7 Tips For Back To School Evening Routine

School Buses Are On The Move!

Will Yet Another Organizing Product Bring You Success?

School Clothes Shopping

Back to School Tips

Back to School Organizing


To a lighter load along the way.



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Earth Day: Cut the Clutter by Recycling!

It’s looks and feels like Spring (at least in most places).  It’s the month of April.  That means Earth Day is near.  And Earth Day means it’s time to recycle.  Earth-Day-Border-Clip-Art-1

Today there are many places where you can recycle all kinds of items year round. However, during many of the local Earth Day events you get a chance to recycle many different items in one location.

Because of this opportunity to make one drop off why not take advantage of it. You know you shouldn’t throw these items in the trash so you probably hold on to them until you can find the time and place to recycle them.

Your home is not a landfill. Nor should it be a holding area indefinitely for recyclable items.  So search the internet for your local Earth Day events to find out where, when, and what you can get out to recycling now!

Here is a list of the kinds of items my local event is taking.

1. Paper Shredding:  They have a limit of 5 boxes.  When we sold my mother’s house last fall (she’s in a nursing home now) I had to bring all the boxes of papers she had saved to my house.  Some of the financial papers dated back to 1985.  My city has a recycling event in the fall and at Earth Day each year.  It felt great to go through all the boxes (10) and reduce them down to two. I took 5 boxes to be shredded in the fall event. All non-sensitive paper got recycled at curbside. Now I’m going to work on my own papers.

2.  Electronics, TV’s, Computers, and small appliances

3.  Used clothing, linens, & paired shoes.  I’m currently doing a closet declutter.  See my Facebook Page for more info.  As I go through my clothes and shoes I will put some of them aside for this recycling drive.

4. CFL light bulbs & tool pack batteries.  Home Depot will have a booth to collect these.

5. Buttons, beads, board games, and children’s books.  St. Louis has a Teacher’s Recycle Center that collects these types of items.  I have a box of buttons from my mother’s house and another small box from a great Aunt that has been gone for many years. I’m the sewer in the family but have rarely used any of these buttons.  Time to pass them on so they can be used by some creative children.

6.  Prescription and OTC medications:  This is a great time to get all those unused or expired medications out of the house and safely recycled.  I was able to do this last fall after cleaning out my mother’s house.

So go ahead right now and find out if you have a local Earth Day recycling event. Then print or write out a list of what they take.  Go through one room at a time to see how much you can get out of your house and recycle.

  • Your house will be less cluttered.
  • You’ll feel good about recycling these items. No guilt.

It’s a win-win project.

To a lighter load along the way,



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Disruptions to Routines: Large – Part 3

This is Part 3 of the Blog series on Disruptions to Routines.  If you missed Part 1 and/or Part 2 you can read them here.

Disruptions of Routines: Small, Medium, and Large, Part 1

Disruptions of Routines: Small, Medium, and Large, Part 2

Large Disruptions:

These kinds of disruptions will need to be handled in a totally different way.  Most of these are either longer term disruptions (weeks or months) or complete life changing ones. Not all of these are bad events.  But all of them will throw off your routines for a fair amount of time or require all new routines.  Wedding-cake

Longer but usually temporary disruptions.   Continue reading

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Disruptions to Routines: Medium – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series I talked about those small but annoying disruptions to our daily routines.  If you missed it you can read it here.

Now I’m going to talk about those medium disruptions that have a tendency to throw off your routines for a least a day or more. Although they are usually temporary you’ll probably have to adjust your routines until the disruption is over.


 Medium Disruptions:

Continue reading

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Disruptions to Routines: Small – Part 1


Do you feel like you can never finish your routines because of constant disruptions?



Does it feel like you’ll never can catch up much less get ahead?

We all have disruptions in our lives.  Some are daily, some are only every once in a while, and some are life changing, for good and for bad. Continue reading

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Get Off The Hamster Wheel – 365 New Beginnings

It’s hard to believe this is the last week of January. Just a few short weeks ago was New Year’s Day.  We  were feeling excited about a new beginning.  Even if we screwed up and got nowhere last year, when the calendar year changes we feel like we get another chance to start over and do it right.

But here we are, into the fourth week of the new year, where many of us have already given up on those new year’s resolutions. We’re back into the same old (bad?) routines that didn’t move us forward towards our goals.

Albert Einstein said:

  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


hamster wheelThe sun rises each morning giving us another chance to work on reaching our goals and dreams.  But it seems like one day drags into another. We feel like we’re on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Many of us don’t know how to get off that hamster wheel and it’s causing a lot of insanity! Continue reading

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Fun Decluttering Projects for Bad Weather Days!

It’s that time of year when many people have unexpected days at home due to bad weather.  If you have school age children you know it can be a trying time when everyone is cooped up in the house.



Here are a few projects that can be fun to do with your children or even by yourself on a cold snowy day.  The best thing about these projects is that you will be clearing out some clutter at the same time. Continue reading

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Think Small for Big Results

New Year’s Day has come and gone.

Did you make resolutions for the new year?  If so are they the same ones you made last year? Continue reading

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A Quick Way To Clear Your Head and Relax

The holidays are here!

It’s the third night of Hanukkah and Christmas is only seven days away.  Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?

If so it’s time to take a break for a few minutes to clear your head.

A quick way to catch your breath, put  a smile on your face, and relax is to write out a Gratitude List. Continue reading

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